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Growing awareness. Seeking hope: Our Mission


THANK YOU for spending the morning with us at the Pittsburgh Zoo for the Walk in the Wild!

Neurofibromatosis Clinics Associates, Inc.

The Neurofibromatosis Clinics Association, Inc. (NFCA) is a regional, non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness about Neurofibromatosis (NF), a progressive genetic condition, and maximizing quality of life for people with NF and their families by funding clinical services, family programs and research to improve NF treatment and management.

NFCA acts as an information resource for health care professionals, educators, patients and the general public. Through various fundraising projects, the NFCA provides funding for NF research and contributes financial aid to the NF Clinic in the Neurology Department at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. GoodSearch cause banner



Fall 2013 Newsletter Patient Support


The NFCA is registered as a charitable organization (ID #25-176-3156)
United Way of Allegheny County Designation code: #885410